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What was the name of the hurricane that devastated New Orleans and the United States Gulf Coast area in 2005?
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What is the more common name for sodium hydroxide?
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What was the name of the Oglala Lakota war leader who led the allied Native American tribes with Chief Gall and Sitting Bull at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
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What 1955 Tennessee Ernie Ford song is about a coal miner who finds himself loading 32,000 pounds a day?
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14th July is National Day in which country?
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Naturally enough for somebody who lived in Detroit in the 1950s, where did Berry Gordy work before founding Motown?
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The haiku, a three-line poem that utilizes images from nature, originated in which country?
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Who was Macbeth?
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What TV show adapted from a Japanese show became popular in the 90's?
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What unit of measure is defined as 1,650,763.63 krypton wavelengths?
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