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The blue in what vases, named for a Chinese dynasty, also inspired Dutch delftware, and came from cobalt imported from Persia?
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Found in St Peter's Basilica in Rome, the Pieta is the only work I ever signed, along the ribbon around the Virgin's shoulder. Who am I?
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Henri Rousseau became famous for painting jungle scenes, which is odd, because as far as we know, he never left what city?
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In 2014, Scott Eaton unveiled his sculpture of what recently demised singer in North London's Camden, complete with a live red rose in her hair?
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What artist, who worked under his mother's maiden name, was known for wearing a beret and a Breton-striped shirt popularized by Coco Chanel?
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Despite not taking up painting until she was middle aged, what UK artist was known for fun, boldly colored paintings of fat British people doing typically British things?
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George was a railroad engineer, but his wife Anna is more famous, mostly because their son James painted her. What is their last name?
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What country commissioned native son Candido Portinari to paint two panels depicting war and peace for the UN building?
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Photographer Philippe Halsman and painter Salvador Dali worked on a photo book about what physical feature, for which Dali was famous?
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I was known for his painting Christina Olson in "Christina's World." My brother Nathaniel was known for inventing the PET plastic soda bottle for Du Pont. Who am I?

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