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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
For which song did Lizzo win the Grammy for best pop solo artist?
Question 2
Who was the first band to appear on Top Of The Pops?
Question 3
Finish the title of Bright Eyes' 2005 song: "When the President ______".
Question 4
At the 2011 Tony Awards, which theater production won "Best Musical"?
Question 5
In what year was Chris Brown born?
Question 6
What is the the Katy Perry 2019 pop song "Small Talk" about?
Question 7
Charli XCX released which of the following songs in 2019?
Question 8
What song features the line, 'When a red hot man meets a white hot lady'?
Question 9
In what year was the Simon & Garfunkel album "The Concert in Central Park" released?
Question 10
Which of these was not an official part of Wu Tang Clan's nine members?
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