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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
The crown of which New York City landmark was originally built as an airship dock?
Question 2
What jubilee celebrations were there for King George V on 6th May 1935?
Question 3
What type of product does NutraSweet, created in 1981, produce?
Question 4
"The ballot is stronger than the bullet." is a quote from who?
Question 5
Where was the second atomic bomb dropped?
Question 6
In what year did England and Spain fight a famous sea battle?
Question 7
In 1968, which European country begins broadcasting colour television for the first time?
Question 8
What was the name of the man who became the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1964?
Question 9
Who directed the 1970 Italian film The Conformist?
Question 10
In 2001 the former FBI agent Robert Hanssen was convicted of what?
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