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Movies Quiz

Question 1
The movie World War Z was based on a novel by which author?
Question 2
The Lavender Hill mob focuses on London and __________ ?
Question 3
The 80s vampire film “Near Dark” was made by which Oscar-winning director?
Question 4
Which Pirates of the Caribbean character had a false eye?
Question 5
In Aliens, which character uttered the line, and they mostly come at night, mostly?
Question 6
Schindler's List was the adaptation of Schindler's Ark by which author?
Question 7
In which year was the David Lean film 'Doctor Zhivago' released?
Question 8
Which month of the year is also the title of 1987 Woody Allen movie?
Question 9
Which of the following films was released in the 1940's?
Question 10
Withnail and I is set in which city?
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