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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Who wrote "Let's kill all the lawyers"?
Question 2
Who is best known for his known for his Western novels trilogy?
Question 3
Who from Harry Potter said, "He called me a mudblood."?
Question 4
Who was killed by water serpents for urging the Trojans to burn the horse left by the Greeks?
Question 5
In Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet", Juliet's parents want her to marry which suitor?
Question 6
In 1939, Katherine Anne Porter wrote which classic?
Question 7
Which novel gave us the expression 'something nasty in the woodshed'?
Question 8
In the Potter book "Goblet of Fire", why do the house elves become embarrassed by Winky?
Question 9
What city was Edgar A. Poe in when he died?
Question 10
Which of these novels was a best-seller in 1905?
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